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Beloved Then, an old friend from out of her past unexpectedly reenters her life. With his help, Sethe may finally be able to rediscover who she is and regain her lost sense of hope"--Container.

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The birdcage c, The bloody child a film c Based on a real incident in which a U. Marine, just back from the Persian Gulf, is arrested while digging a grave in the middle of the Mojave Desert for his murdered wife, whose bloodied body lies in the backseat of his car. Blue steel In Manhattan, a rookie cop shoots and kills an armed robber. She doesn't know it, but an unidentified witness steals the assailant's gun and begins a deadly game of pursuit, with the unsuspecting cop as the target of a madman's obsession.

Each is at a point in life where expectations are behind them. Yet four days after meeting, they won't want to lose the love they've found.

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Cabaret Candyman Casino c A Mob front man and his boyhood pal are managing the Mob's multi-billion-dollar operation, until a sexy wild card turns up the heat. Celebrity Following their divorce, the lives of a restless writer and his inhibited ex-wife take off in unpredictable directions. While Lee explores the wilder side of his newfound freedom, Robin begins an improbable transformation from neurotic schoolteacher to high-profile TV talk show host where she encounters movie stars and the cream of high society.

City hall Veteran politician Mayor John Pappas Pacino and idealist Deputy Mayor Kevin Calhoun Cusack are masters at the art of compromise, back room politics and brokering the deals that keep the city running like clockwork. But when a drug bust gone awry causes the accidental death of an innocent child, Calhoun and a suspicious attorney Fonda uncover a scandal that links the Mafia directly to the Mayor's office. The film's four unforgettable stories center on a group of day-laborers scavenging for bricks; two teenagers from the same hometown who meet in the projects and fall in love; a homeless father who tries to enroll his daughter in school; and a garment worker who seeks justice in the sweatshops"--Publisher's Web site.

A civil action? This expensive tort case could mean financial and career ruin for him. Claire Dolan A high-priced call girl, shocked by her mother's death, decides to get out of the business and have a baby. Clueless Beverly Hills teenager arranges the lives of those around her, but she learns that when it comes to loves, she's clueless.

Loosely based on Jane Austen's novel, Emma. Crooklyn a Spike Lee joint! Director Spike Lee fashions a bold, flavorful picture of family life in a crowded but cozy Brooklyn neighborhood nicknamed "Crooklyn" by the Carmichaels, who experience one very special summer in their hometown under difficult but often wonderful circumstances.

Dances with wolves A Civil War hero is assigned to an abandoned fort on the American frontier where he befriends members of the Sioux tribe, falls in love, and eventually lives with the Indians. Daughters of the dust Story of a large African-American family as they prepare to move North at the dawn of the 20th century. Dead again Mike Church, an L. Then an eccentric antiques dealer and hypnotist leads Church to believe the source of the nightmares may lie in a past-life connection to Margaret Strauss, a world-famous pianist allegedly murdered by her composer husband in Dead man walking Dead presidents Devil in a blue dress Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins is a decorated war hero who returns home to work as a private eye.

His job of finding a missing socialite puts him between the white power elite and the vibrant black commumnity of Central Avenue. As soon as Easy and his trigger-happy friend Mouse find Daphne Monet, trouble follows. Dolores Claiborne Eighteen years ago the town accused Dolores Claiborne of murdering her husband in cold blood.

Now a woman lies dead and a witness finds Dolores standing over the body. Her daughter is the only one who can save her life and the only thing that stands between guilt and innocence is the evil secret that made the daughter run away ten years ago. Drunks , Story of a small group of people who meet to share coffee and laughs along with their stories of recovery.

A white schoolteacher in South America awakens to the politics of apartheid and, in seeking justice, alienates himself from white society. The American allies care for him and the dangerous secrets from his past come to light. The true story of Ernest Green and eight other young black students who enrolled in an all-white school in and triumphed over the adversity and intolerance they encountered. Eve's bayou Roz Batiste is a beautiful and dedicated mother of three, who is forced to admit that her family is falling apart due to her philandering husband Louis.

Her younger daughter, Eve, witnesses one of her father's infidelities. Struggling to make sense of what she has seen, Eve turns to her older sister Cisely, who dismisses her in fear of the truth, and then to her Aunt Mozelle, a known psychic and rumored black widow. Everyone says I love you , Falling down , The fan Fargo , In this darkly comic thriller, the pregnant police chief of Brainerd, Minnesota investigates a series of brutal and interconnected crimes.

Steadily, she tightens the net on the killers and their accomplices in a kidnapping scheme gone wildly wrong. Feast of July Christopher Menaul, H. A mysterious young beauty searches for the lover who betrayed her. Weary and alone, she is offered shelter by the Wainwright family whose three handsome sons battle for her affections.

Female perversions Below her veneer of self-confidence lies a darker side, one in which she is driven by bizarre visions and sexual fantasies.

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A vision of breathtaking battles, heart-pounding courage, of the undeniable love that brought an entire kingdom to its knees The Fisher King , A dee-jay who finds himself penniless is plucked from disaster by a homeless history professor, who lives in a fantasy world full of castles, Red Knights and damsels in distress. Together they begin a modern quest for redemption and the Holy Grail. The Five Heartbeats Five young friends are drawn together by music. Their dreams of fame and fortune take them from amateur nights in ghetto clubs to the pinnacle of show business success and personal tragedy.

When the vocal group The Five Heartbeats get to the top of music world they learn the hard reality of the music industry. Forrest Gump His heart knows what his limited IQ cannot.

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His moral compass never wavers. His triumphs become an inspiration to us all"--Container. Frankenstein unbound c, Gas food lodging Love and sex complicate the lives of Nora Evans and her two teenage daughters in this coming of age film set in a small New Mexico town. Gattaca Story about an all-too-human man who dares to defy a system obsessed with genetic perfection.

Vincent is an "In-Valid," who assumes the identity of a member of the genetic elite to pursue his goal of traveling into space with the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation. However, a week before his mission, a murder marks Vincent as a suspect. Ghosts of Mississippi The film features the final trial of the assassin of the 60s civil rights leader Medgar Evers.

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The glass shield , GoodFellas Grand Canyon , Two men from very different walks of life meet by accident and set in motion a chain of unsettling events that change their lives and the lives of their families and friends. The trouble is, McCauley's expertise is at least equal to Hanna's. The helter skelter murders Filmed while the Manson trial was still in progress, this modern "noir" proved so shocking it was banned in Los Angeles. Higher learning , Thought provoking film about diversity on a formerly quiet college campus.

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Race and sexuality are just some of the issues explored in this troubling drama. Sometimes love and understanding are not enough. I like it like that , When her husband is arrested, a young Brooklyn mother has to get a job to support her family. She soon finds her confidence, but the neighborhood boys get word to her husband that she's dating her boss. This leads to a major confrontation, when the husband has to acknowledge his wife's new strength and importance to the family.

Immortal beloved MUSIC The insider Joe versus the volcano , Expressionistic goofball comedy about a dopey guy who, after finding out he has only months to live, contracts with a millionaire to leap into a volcano alive. Imaginative farce with great "Metropolis"-pastiche visuals that eventually fizzle out. Jungle fever Just another girl on the I. T Drama about a teenager coping with life in the projects and sustained by her fierce desire to go to college to become a doctor.

Kids Larry Clark, Woods. A deeply affecting, no-holds-barred landscape of words and images, depicting with raw honesty the experiences, attitudes and uncertainties of innocence lost. Ignoring the challenge posed by AIDS, these Manhattan kids pursue sex and drugs with no regard for the future in a world as violent as it is hopeless. Three cops, a call girl, a mysterious millionaire, a tabloid journalist and the Chief of Detectives work against the backdrop of the corrupt and brutal L.

Using differing methods they seek to uncover a conspiracy behind the shotgun slaying of the patrons at an all-night diner. A lush tribute to tough film-noir crime films. Lakota woman One woman rises from ignorance and fear to meet the challenge of her proud heritage during a bloody seige in which 2, Native Americans stood their ground and vowed never to be silent again"--Container.

The last boy scout A bone-crushing, bullets-flying game of life and death set against the world of pro football. The last days Traces the experiences of five Hungarian Holocaust survivors who fell victim to Hitler's brutal war against the Jews during the final days of World War II, and returned to their hometowns and ghettos and the concentration camps in which they were imprisoned. A life in the theatre The entertaining backstage story of two repertory actors: the old master of his craft and the rising young star he takes under his wing.

The Limey? Little women c Classic story by Louisa May Alcott about the March family of four daughters, a strong mother and a father away during the Civil War.

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Lone star Long road home c Depicts the struggles of a family of migrant farm workers during the depths of the Great Depression. Lord of the flies? A group of British schoolboys become stranded on a remote island. Attempts to organize themselves into a law-abiding society soon give way to anarchy and savage behavior. Love Field , c Butterfly , Mad city Mary Shelley's Frankenstein The matrix In a dystopian future, the "real" world as we know it is nothing more than a computer construct, created by an all-powerful artificial intelligence.

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A small group of humans has found a way out of the construct and is now fighting for the future of the human race. Men in black c New York City is being threatened by a villainous bug who has inhabited the body of a farmer. The mission is to locate and exterminate the bug before it destroys the planet.