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Deutsch heute: November

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The first full-length album was recorded in the fall of , once again at Stellwerk Studio, with production duties being shared by the band and Stefan Hahnbuch.

The idea was also to use dual vocals on future compositions in order to make the material more intense, at the same time enabling the band to experiment more in the vocal department. In the summer of a possible candidate traveled all the way from the United States to try out for the spot, but the band was let down again when it became clear that the vocalist-to-be wouldn't be able to stay in Germany on a permanent basis.

He became a full member of the band, taking care of most lead vocals alongside Stefan. In September the recording of the new album could finally begin. After the mastering was done, Wolle decided to leave the band due to personal reasons and a lack of time for rehearsing. As many of you perhaps already knew, we were looking for a new label partner in the past months.

A big cheers to the future! Hereby this Finn lives his even darker side.

Melancholic, sad, heavy Dark Metal of class of its own for the lonely hours of life, performed with a massive frame of riffs and impressive melodies and exciting singing harmonies. Here are all the upcoming gigs so far:. Here are all the upcoming battles so far:. You can find the clip here:. Finnish thrash metal band, The Scourger and its two founding members Jari Hurskainen and Seppo Tarvainen have decided to continue their musical careers apart. Vocalist Hurskainen will continue under the name of The Scourger by himself. Their new projects will be announced at a later time.

The Scourger has released two full length albums worldwide to date. In Germany's Cyclone Empire Records re-issued the band's cult demos in a deluxe edition that also included the reunion show and archive material from the 80s on a bonus DVD. A reference point for a whole generation of fans and beyond the confines of the metal scene, PENTAGRAM was voted into the 50 most important records in the history of Chilean rock music by fellow musicians in the Chilean edition of Rolling Stone magazine.

Herz'l - Der älteste Rasthof Deutschlands

This will be the very last chance for all metal fans to witness what is undoubtedly Chile's most influential metal band of all time. He has been working as a session bass player at the shows for few years now, and Gloria Morti felt that the time was ripe to ask him join the band.

Rasthof des Jahres (German Edition)

During these years, Aki has proved himself to be a skilled and dedicated musician. There is no grudge between him and the other members. Glora Morti is now in progress of finding a new drummer. There has been very few updates conserning the upcoming album and we apologize for this. Expect the very worst humanity has to offer.

Web: www. The only remaining original member and founder Patrick walker has provided us with the following statement:. However, I started the band in I was a different person when I began playing with Warning; I had different musical objectives; different ideals; different influences and inspirations.

Now in order to make music that retains some semblance of integrity and wholeness I realise I need to move on.